Control App V2

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Getting started

Finding the app

As time of writing the control app can be found on the following three locations.


The fastest and most reliable way of controlling 8c's is to use the app hosted locally, meaning on the system itself, on every 8c with a firmware version above 1.2.3. To use the local app:

  1. Make sure your device is conected to the same LAN as the 8c's you want to control
  2. Open an internet browser
  3. Browse to http://8c-<serialnumber>, or depending on the configuration of your router to http://8c-<serialnumber>.local. (For example, if your 8c has serial number 123, browse to http://8c-123 or http://8c-123.local)


The latest version of the control app can always be found on

Windows App Store

Windows users can install a standalone version of the app here:

Using the app


The first thing the app does upon being opened, is finding every 8c on your LAN.


Group Settings

Speaker Settings