8c AES Input

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AES3 is a standard for the exchange of digital audio signals between professional audio devices. To connect an AES3 source to the 8c’s, use a balanced 3-conductor cable of 110-ohm twisted pairs cabling with XLR connectors. There should be one cable between the source and the shared analog and digital input of the first 8c. There should be a second cable between the first 8c’s THRU output and the second 8c’s shared input. Use an AES3-terminator (supplied with every pair of 8c’s) on the THRU output of the last 8c in the chain.

In the Dutch & Dutch app, go to settings for each individual 8c in the system. Set the placement of each 8c correctly, i.e. left for left and right for the 8c on the right.

Set the 8c’s input to AES using the button on the back of the 8c.

8c aes3 simple connection.PNG

8c aes3 thru connection.PNG

8c aes3 y connection.PNG

8c spdif direct connection.PNG

8c spdif transform connection.PNG